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A Trayside Handbook of Marbling

the non-coffee-table book of marbling

for the serious beginner

Spiral bound to lay flat at your tray, with four (original) marbled samples, the unique Troubleshooting Guide, guides to preparing all supplies and constructing basic equipment, an expanded History of Marbling, Glossary, List of Suppliers, and so much more.    $42 + tax and shipping, if applicable.

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Marbling commissions and collaborations welcome.

Ink spills disappear on these black sponge ink and pen stands, which provide up to four notches for cradling your brushes and pens. Specify either a round or square inset for your favorite bottle of ink. 

Ink & Pen Stands

Black Sponge Ink & Pen Stand            $5.25

I call these Alices--

in tribute to

its inventor, renowned calligrapher, mentor and friend, Alice Koeth, who shared the one she had  devised for her own tool-box with us, her students  back in the early ‘80s.

An unrepentant “tool maker,” I immediately made one for my tacklelbox and one for my desktop and found them so efficient and gentle on my nibs, I decided to begin making them for my own students as well as

other ”artists

of the pen.”


Pen & Brush Cleaning System

        Handmade Bamboo Pens

Several drops of water in the jar lets you clean your nibs efficiently, anywhere--

without harsh chemicals or harming the delicate nib-reservoir mechanism.    

Fashioned from natural bamboo and assorted

findings (that help them stand when not in use), these unique reed-style pens are naturals” for expressive and textured lettering ranging

from small to very large.

Prices vary--naturally. 

Write for sizes and prices.

Leather Pocket Journals

These handmade lab-pocket sized journals or “commonplace books” are crafted from leather, hand marbled papers and feature a text block that

can be replaced when full.  Closures

vary, depending on features of the

leather, but most are wrap-around.

Leather Journals   $95, plus shipping & handling

SUKETA: Japanese-style Papermaking Screen & Frame

Handcrafted for fine hand paper making in the Japanese tradition, this beautiful tool consists of a hand-sewn screen (su) of extremely fine bamboo strips and a hinged frame (keta) of lightweight cypress, with mortised hinges and sidebar, lightweight removable struts, beveled inner

edges, and small brass clasps  (optional)

 Each keta has been crafted,

to fit its su precisely.

For details and pricing information,

click on the clasp:

   Patent  Pending

Compare availability, quality, and cost with Asian sugeta at more than triple the price.

Never lose a needle again!!!  These cheerful neck pendants not only keep you smiling, their magnetic pad and closure keep your needles within easy reach yet safely out of harm’s way as you work.  With covers from my latest line of hand-decorated papers, they’re a perfect gift for any occasion for anyone for who sews---anything.

Needle Holder Pendants

Magnetic Needle Holder Pendants            $10

 Be Kind to Your Nib