pricing and shipping information

Shipping/handling is calculated by weight and sent cheapest way

unless you specify otherwise.

Sales within Ohio are taxed at the Franklin County rate

in force at the time of sale (currently 7.5%) 

Artist tools are priced as shown on that page.

T-Shirts, Granite            Short-sleeve                             $20.70

T-Shirts, S-XL                COLORS and profiles vary*     $22.95

T-Shirts, Granite            Long-sleeve                              $25.95

Sweat Shirts                  ‘Heavy’ weight                           $28.95

Mock-Turtle Shirts          Mid-weight                                $26.95

Notecards                       Gift box of 8 w/envelopes         $20.00       _______________

*Colors--in Slim, Retail, Casual, or lightweight Comfort Fits; call/write

for color options and measurements. XXL and up, add $2.00 per shirt.

Some Leaders

are Born Women


NATURA Notecards                               $2.95 each

Gift Box of 8 cards /envelopes                           $20.00  

Boxes can be made up of mixed images, as you specify, from the NATURA section of this website.

Also available, by request, a selection of rose images, subtly scented, for those you love.

Shipping by USPS Priority Mail.

A Trayside Handbook of Marbling  $42 plus shipping

Shipping/Handling by USPS, cheapest way.

Ohio sales are taxable (see above).


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Leather Pocket Journals

 with Replaceable Text Block

Pocket Journals  

$95 + tax and shipping