Photographs of Nature’s Beauty and Wonders

as Blank Notecards Made to Order


I began using my husband’s Pentax K-1000 on a hunch that taking photographs might sharpen my ability to frame images--an ability I hoped would transfer to my work with hand lettering and design of text.  Not only did it do that, it also opened a window on a world I’d not really focused on before: Nature’s amazing and wonderful details.

So, from seeing the obvious and exquisitely painful beauty of a perfect rose, my eyes soon began seeing and framing all sorts of natural images, from the colors in stone to the textures of bark, leaves, moss and lichen, to strange mushrooms and the exquisite markings on bugs--all vastly different, but all captivating and alluring to the appreciative eye and heart.

Shown here is just a small selection of images

offered.  Please contact me for more images.

Cards come with no greeting and are sold

singly at $2.95 and $20 for a gift box of 8,

with envelopes and signed, of course.

Shipping is by weight.


©ann alaia woods 2008