Almost from the earliest days of my career as a lettering artist I have been asked to take on projects of some size--from a large wine cellar to a kitchen, to large banners, signs and  panels--even outdoor sculpture. Working large is challenging because scale alters fundamentals, but as other artists know, it’s also exhilarating to see work emerge larger than life and command a presence in space. See

large-project details.

©ann alaia woods 2008

larger-scale work

“Larger scale” can also describe projects large in scope that involve the collaborative efforts of a several artists under the direction of a designer--among these are the fine arts press editions created at the Logan Elm Press, The Ohio State University

These images are from two of the LEP editions on which I have have had the good fortune of being asked to collaborate. Serving as calligrapher, gilder, and general hand lettering designer over time, I have had the honor and joy of working with such major artists, designers, and craftsmen as Sid Chafez, Anthony Rice, Harry Campbell, Russell McKnight

and, most of all, with Logan Elm’s director, brains and heart, Robert Tauber.

The table plan for a large wedding

hand lettered, with gouache and

marker on a large mirror, 45” x 85”.