columbus corn

cityscape project


Fiberglas sculptures of an ear of corn, 6-1/2’ tall, were chosen as a city-wide project to raise funds for Columbus’ Children’s Hospital. Ears were to be sponsored by various local charities and businesses choosing from among  design proposals submitted by Columbus artists.

My concept--to celebrate the people who have lived on the land now known as Ohio--was selected by

our local newspaper,

The Columbus Dispatch.

The shock came when this bigger-than-me by a foot and a half monster arrived, but I soldiered on.

Starting at the base of the husk and working upward, I lettered the names of the native tribes and tribal leaders who once called this land home. Moving up and forward in time came the names of as many as could fit of the hundreds of individuals who contributed in a significant way to this

State and to the nation--

in Education, Innovation

and Technology, Medicine, Agriculture, Law, Politics, Social Work,  Religious Thought, and more.

The corn’s kernels, done in rounded Uncials to suggest bi-color corn, are dedicated to Ohio’s artists and artisans of all generations--its writers, poets, painters, performers, designers, philosophers, and even its architects. Sadly, while my research yielded 13-1/2-single-spaced pages naming such individuals, the list had to be pared down mercilessly to a mere 8-1/2 pages to fit the sculpture. The quote that runs around the base, unfortunately anonymous, is about living a good life in the “beautiful” state--Ohio.

©ann alaia woods 2008  .