Paul’s award is built around a double primary palette of colors arrived at  from studying numerous of his painted images in works he published over a span of 25 years.  

The cornflower blue of

the back of this shiny vinyl library-style bookcloth

was perfect U-Kentucky

Watercolors pigments

are from Windsor & Newton and Daniel Smith; the brush, a #6 sable round, its shaft repainted

to a cool Kentucky blue.

metal nibs and gouache, is a bookhand style designed for this award.

--but it took some experimenting to get its slick vinyl side

to adhere smoothly

and evenly to the boards of the box.

Initial letters were painted in watercolor; the text, lettered with

When not painting, Paul’s passion is teaching story writing to children in local schools.


book writer

and illustrator

Born into the wit

and wisdom of

southern Appalachian storytelling, Paul mastered the nuances

of facial and bodily expression.


©ann alaia woods 2009