Slipped into a ribbon in the oversized pen case for this award is a 14” long dyed blue feather quill, whose 2” long  brass nib captured for me a sense of the critic’s “poison pen” with its double-edged potential for constructive commentary (a brilliant sheen) and

un-empathetic, even destructive, hyperbole (its sharp hard metal tip).

The housing for Ms. Foley’s award replicates not only the look of a pen case. To be certain it would have that special pen-case snap, I constructed it based on a hinge mined from a real pen case. The case is lined and padded in lighter silk moiré of UK blue; in the lid is a brass replica of the one of the unique stars that adorn the University of Kentucky’s  

Guignol Theatre, where Ms. Foley performed in earlier days and where she gained her deep love for the craft. 

At the front inside edge of the case, forward of the quill, a ribbon pull lifts up and out in an accordion fold to reveal the full text of the award.

Lettered with Mitchell nibs on Canson Mi Tientes paper, the text has titling in modern Versals in gouache and shell gold.  The case is covered with a deep navy blue silk moiré bookcloth, to

resonate with the lighter blue silk moiré inside.

For a taste of Ms. Foley’s wit, wisdom

and theatrical commentary,

go to

.     ©ann alaia woods 2008

theatre critic

University of Kentucky College of Fine Arts

Distinguished Alumni Award 2008